Onetwotrade Review

Trading with One Two TradeAmong the first things that binary options traders are likely to notice when accessing the OneTwoTrade website is their transparency. Their home office address is posted along the base of the main web page, along with the owning company, Up & Down Marketing Limited. Despite the fact that their business headquarters are centered in Malta, OneTwoTrade additionally has a business office within London. Their London address is available as well. Office specifics aside, let’s consider what this broker is offering to their clients.

OneTwoTrade has a unique term for their basic binary options trades. These are referred to as SmartOptions and this broker boasts being the top SmartOption binary options platform globally as voted by their clients. Their platform offers these SmartOptions, and along with 60 Seconds trades and various other instruments. Also offered are supplemental features such as Roll Over, Double Up, and Buy Me Out.

The pace of trade setup is adequate, as is the available underlying asset details. The accessible charts are basic. These are only going to allow for simple analysis, but then there are hardly any binary options brokers who provide advanced charting packages. These are available from other sources at no cost. OneTwoTrade is licensed by a gaming authority and their products and services apparently are of a higher quality than many of the other brokers in the marketplace today.

OneTwoTrade Scam?

This broker is regulated within Malta, which works to reduce binary options scam suspicions. Their contact details is posted on their website and trader funds are kept in separate banking accounts. What this means is that should they file for bankruptcy, traders will not lose their funds. While browsing the web for dissatisfied clients, we identified just the typical complaints, but then no broker is perfect. What is most important is that their platform seems flawless and payments are being issued as promised.

OneTwoTrade Bonuses

Bonus fund totals are going to vary based on the promotion which is currently running, but the basic rule is that the trader cannot take out bonus funds until a turn over of 20x the bonus amount is carried out. Should a withdrawal be initiated in advance of a 15x turn over, this cancels the bonus, leaving losses to be subtracted from the first deposit and all earnings generated using bonus funds would be terminated. On the other hand, the trader may reject bonus funds should they not wish to be bothered with meeting these requirements.

OneTwoTrade Withdrawals

Account withdrawals totalling 200 pounds or not do not bear any fee, but any credit card withdrawal totalling less than this amount is going to require the trader to shell out a 39 pound fee, with an additional 30 pound fee in place on bank wire transfers. These fees are not unreasonable, yet they could be viewed as a drawback to trading binary options with OneTwoTrade since some brokers do offer one free monthly withdrawal.

OneTwoTrade Money-Back Guarantee

This binary options broker offers plenty of extra features, but one of the best would have to be their 110% Money-Back Guarantee. Any trader who takes advantage of this exclusive feature is going to be safeguarded against their first 10 trade losses. To put it simply, if any trader takes a loss on their first 10 successive trades, OneTwoTrade promises to return the investment funds to their trading account, along with an extra 10%. Conditions do apply, so please read these in advance account registration.

OneTwoTrade Evaluations

Their website is accessible in several different languages, is well-organized, and will not demand any previous binary options trading experience. Their underlying asset list contains plenty of assets to chooce from from the stocks, currency pairs, and indices classes. Sad to say, OneTwoTrade does not provide any commodities for use in trades. The expiration time periods vary from as little as 60 seconds to one hour or more, based upon on the chosen asset.

There is no cost associated with opening an account. The minimum deposit amount is set at 200 (GBP) and this can be submitted via Mastercard, Visa, Moneybookers, or bank wire transfer. Once a deposit is made, OneTwoTrade does charge a small monthly fee for non-active accounts. One monthly binary options trade will allow traders to avoid this fee. Traders can look at their transaction history at no cost online, but there is a charge for postal report requests. These prospective extra charges may also be viewed as a negative, but once you factor in the up to 85% return rates offered by this broker, along with the ability to avoid some of these cost, the total package doesn’t seem so bad after all.

There are a couple of noticeable negative aspects associated with this binary options broker. However, the positive greatly outnumber these. OneTwoTrade remains an interesting broker option and certainly does stand out from the crowd. Their platform, features, and reliability are all solid, therefore we do recommend them to traders. However, being one of only a few brokers which does not fit into the traditional broker mold, we encourage traders to visit OneTwoTrade and peruse the platform prior to making a final decision.
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