Indian Economy Posts Big Growth

India’s economy is not often looked at because of the fact that it isn’t a major player on the world’s stage like the United States, the Eurozone, Japan, or China is, but the fact that India has the second largest population in the world automatically gives them potential when it comes to growth. The latest news out of India is particularly exciting because of the fact that they have posted some impressive numbers recently. Their most recent economic report states that the country’s economic growth is now moving forward at a rate of 7.3 percent. Compare this to China’s economic growth of 6.8 percent over the same time period.

China has the world’s largest population, and they are still very much in need of development despite having the second biggest economy in the world (behind the U.S). But, thanks to the slowdown that China is currently experiencing on the business front, Chinese growth has almost come to a standstill in many areas. The fact that India is surpassing them is not a surprise, but it should bring more attention to just how much potential India has for long term investors.

And if there is potential for long term profits, there is necessarily potential for short term traders to make money here, too. The Bombay Stock Exchange has a number of different indices connected to it, and some of the bigger ones, in particularly the S&P BSE Sensex, have a ton of potential right now for those that are willing to front money now in exchange for a huge amount of money in ten years. But, as short term traders, we should be looking for other methods to supplement our long term stakes with short term realizations of profit. This adds diversity to out portfolios, and it puts money in our pockets now, rather than in a decade. Both of these things are good, of course, as long as they are approached correctly.

One easy method of beginning is to start with as little risk as possible. Looking to binary options can help here, but not many binary brokers will cover the BSE. You can look to major Indian corporations and have further luck here, though. For example, Tata Motors is the largest car company in India. TTM manufactures the Land Rover, and they not only supply automobiles to the Indian subcontinent, they also have a huge worldwide reach. While Asian markets are hurting now because of China’s crashing markets, companies like TTM that have a global reach with high demand are more protected. It’s things like this that you should be looking for to help ride this growth for your own profit, even if you do have to think a little creatively to get to this point.
There are many more examples similar to this one out there, too.

Binary options are just one way of approaching this short term. You can swing trade individual stocks, use ETFs, or a whole host of other short term trading strategies. You can also use the Forex market to use the rupee, but because the Reserve Bank of India sets fixed rates, short term profits here are almost impossible to come by. Still, when something like this comes up, and long term profits look so promising, looking at things from different perspectives will likely help you to discover new opportunities for making more money than ever before. Investigating this is something that a high quality trader will devote some time to in order to better their own situation. Even if money making opportunities do not pop up, you will be better educated and more equipped to make trading decisions in the future.