Indian Economy Posts Big Growth

India’s economy is not often looked at because of the fact that it isn’t a major player on the world’s stage like the United States, the Eurozone, Japan, or China is, but the fact that India has the second largest population in the world automatically gives them potential when it comes to growth. The latest news out of India is particularly exciting because of the fact that they have posted some impressive numbers recently. Their most recent economic report states that the country’s economic growth is now moving forward at a rate of 7.3 percent. Compare this to China’s economic growth of 6.8 percent over the same time period.

China has the world’s largest population, and they are still very much in need of development despite having the second biggest economy in the world (behind the U.S). But, thanks to the slowdown that China is currently experiencing on the business front, Chinese growth has almost come to a standstill in many areas. Continue reading