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When 24Option launched its binary options platform back in 2010, few could have predicted that so many would be drawn to them so quickly. What makes this broker so popular among traders? Maybe it is the respected TechFinancials platform. Maybe it is the above average payout rates they offer. Maybe it is the huge variety of trade options that traders are supplied with each day. These are broad statements though, so let’s consider the specifics of what is offered by this broker.

Any adult trader can signup for an account with 24Option and there is no cost associated with doing so. Basic signup provides access to all the binary options tools and information provided by this broker. New traders in particular should appreciate the educational resources provided by this broker. These include an e-Book, videos, articles, and more. Not only do these offer up the basics of how to trade, but that also focus on how to start earning money from trading digital options right away. There is no reason to not start earning money immediately and this broker is willing to help make that happen.

24Option requests that deposits be in amounts of $250 or more. A deposit is only required once you are ready to start trading. All deposited funds are available for use in trades, as this binary options broker collects no fees or commissions. Brokers earn their money from non-profiting trades. What this means is that it will be up to you to trade well and ensure that plenty of profits go into your account instead of into theirs. This is the great thing about trading digital options. Traders have a huge amount of control over the outcome of each contract. Analysis and preparation are key.

After you’ve signed up for an account and deposited funds, the next step if to start trading. The platform offered by 24Option is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Each trade requires only a couple of steps from start to finish. All essential data is listed within each trade box. This box also includes a chart which shows current and past asset price movement. This is one of the essential tools for technical analysis and decision making regardless of which binary options broker you ultimately decide to trade with.

24Option serves up several different trade types to select from. basic trades are paired up with Boundary and Touch trades. Also offered are 60 Second options. Each of these are appropriate for different types of market conditions. Choose correctly and you immediately increase the odds of earning from the trade. Each of these trade types can be used along with the the many different underlying assets offered by this broker. Once again, wise selection brings you one step closer to earnings.

In order to purchase a basic binary options contract from 24Option you only need to select a trade, select Put or Call, select an expiry time, and enter your desired investment amount. These selections can be made within the trade window. When you enter your desired selections, the offered payout rate will be displayed. As usual, higher risk trades will offer higher profit rates. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to take on a massive amount of risk in order to grow your account funds.

The investment platform is clearly one of the primary reasons as to why so many choose 24Option as their binary options broker. The basic colors and easy navigation provide a user-friendly experience that should be stress free. Each upcoming opportunity is displayed on the main platform page. All the essential information is provided there, with additional information provided once the option is clicked on. The platform is offered in a variety of languages. These can be selected from the main page of the 24Option website. A mobile trading app is also offered in addition to the standard platform.

Those who decide to make 24Option their broker are placed in the position to earn plenty of profit on each of their binary options trades which completed in the money. For standard trade types, traders can earn as much as 89% profit. High-yield trades are offered as well. These offer as much as 310% profit. Refund rates are not offered for out of the money trades, but with such large upfront profit rates being offered, this should not present much of a problem for successful traders.

24Option does make banking easy. Withdrawals only need to be $100 or more for bank wire requests and there are no minimums in place when credit cards or online payments are opted for. There are small percentage fees associated with withdrawals. These vary by the chosen payment method and will be somewhere between one and three and a half percent. The very first withdrawal is offered for free. Additionally, those who create higher tier accounts will be give more free withdrawals. These accounts are give to those who fund their trading account with a larger deposit.

To get in touch with 24Option, simply email, call, or initiate a chat session from the main page of their website. This broker offers assistance to their clients at all times. Customer service is provided in several different languages, a fact that global binary options traders should appreciate. For years now, 24Option has been known for provided plenty of support to all who trade within their platform. Many traders overlook the need for support until they actually need it. Support should actually be one of the first considerations.

Despite the fact that it could be an issue which could be contested, we feel that 24Option deserves top honors for providing an large quantity of binary options trading resources and analysis tools. The provided video center is superb, as is the free e-book and platform tour that are available. Additionally, 24Option now presents live and taped webinars. This is relatively new to the industry and is certain to please investors who are seeking direction, strategies, instruction, etc. Besides all this, 24Option is among the few brokers continuing to offer demo accounts to traders.

We did carry out a 24Option scam test. This broker passed with flying colors. We did track down a few normal grievances published online, but couldn’t locate any proven claims of fraud related to this binary options broker. Stability is apparently in place. Furthermore, the investment platform data checks out perfectly when analyzed against external sources and traders are confirming that they are consistently able to withdraw their account funds within a acceptable time frame.

As traders continue to learn more about trading, they should naturally continue to earn more and more money. 24Option assists in this by providing detailed marketplace analysis and day-to-day information which can help traders make decisions in regard to trade selection and prediction. Most traders are not able to maximize their earnings on day one, but over time success will arrive if the commitment to learning is not abandoned.

Clearly, there is a lot to like about what 24Option is offering. From the platform to the long list of tools and extras, this is a binary options broker which is going to appeal to plenty of traders. Reliability is also in place and this should serve as comfort to anyone considering teaming up with this broker. 24Option offers plenty and surely passes out test. Even so, traders are encouraged to visit the platform and form their own opinions of this top broker.
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